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David’s Tent is a 72-hour festival where people from all around the world, across different denominations and church expressions gather together to worship Jesus. Our first gathering was in the UK in 2012 and we have been growing in numbers and in passion each year since. 2019 will see the launch of David's Tent into San Diego in October alongside the UK festival in August at the Wiston Estate in Sussuex. Our heart is to create space where we can gather in unity, worship extravagantly and foster community at all of our gatherings.

When King David brought back the ark to Jerusalem, he set up a special tent for extravagant day and night worship to celebrate the fact that God’s presence was dwelling among the people. It was a prophetic picture of the kind of worship that Jesus made a way for on the cross – a people reunited with God pouring out their hearts in response to His love. Our heart for David’s Tent is not that we would recreate Old Testament biblical rituals but that we would create a space where everyone is free and welcome to enjoy God’s presence in the fullness of unity. We believe that the culture of worship from David’s tabernacle is being restored – not just in a field in Sussex or sunny San Diego, but in the hearts and lives of everyone who comes and builds the community of worshippers in the UK and beyond. Our hope is that people come, get refreshed and return to their churches and communities with the fresh fire of revival, with each of us becoming ‘David’s Tent’ as a lifestyle.

David's Tent is an independent charity that relies on donations as well as ticket sales to continue meeting together. Partner with us as we continue to create environments for people to be transformed in God's presence and for the name of Jesus to be lifted high across the Earth.

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